A message from the future: bitcoin forecast 2018

The topic of increasing the cost of bitcoin is one of the most popular, recently. The discussion about the volatility of the crypto currency and its reliability is still of concern to a huge number of Internet users around the world. Let’s remember how this small revolution began, which we now call “bitcoin”.

The date of foundation of Bitcoin was October 5, 2009, at that time it had the following attitude to the dollar:

$ 1 = 1309.03 BTC

Then, of course, no one took bitcoin seriously, and you could buy them in plenty without spending a significant amount.

Years passed, Bitcoin passed his way through thorns to the stars, gaining weight and popularity, but skepticism still prevailed and not many people had special hopes for its take-off.

An interesting fact is that more than 3 years ago a certain schedule appeared, which promised extraordinary prospects for this coin, and this directly concerns to bitcoin forecast 2018. The author of the forecast claims that he is from the future, namely from 2025. He calls to stop buying bitcoin, as its value will so increase, which will lead to financial dictatorship of those who will have the greatest number of coins.

More analytics in bitcoin value prediction chart

Recall, at the end of 2013 there was a two-fold decrease in bitcoin from $ 1242 to $ 600, by the end of 2014 the bitcoin rate was $ 310. In those years, investing in BTC was much more risky than now. Forecasting the movement of bitcoin in those days was even more difficult than today.

You can see it on a bitcoin value prediction chart on the right.

And what about bitcoin 2018 prediction?

However, the forecast showed that the movement of our crypto unit is just beginning. Analyzing the chart, we can see that BTC is not going to lose its positions and is only aiming for growth and popularity. So it happened: since 2014, bitcoin not only has not lost in value, but has received such a loud resonance, which, apparently, became a surprise for absolutely everyone except the author of this bitcoin 2018 prediction schedule.

Pay attention to how accurately the forecasts for 2015-2017 are realized. It was during this period that the brightest events for bitcoin occur.

Prediction bitcoin 2018 – chronology of premises

2015: Japan at the state level gives its recognition to bitcoin as one of the varieties of a virtual currency that can be used to pay for goods and services, just like any other existing currency. Rate bitcoin – $ 355 = 1 BTC

2016: The beginning of winter was quite successful for bitcoin. By the 23rd, he had reached $ 950, and in the end of December or the beginning of January he had fallen by a hundred. Probably, it happened because of low activity in the financial market during the New Year and Christmas holidays, after which the rate of crypto currencies soared to $ 1000!

2017: Incredible rise of bitcoin to 20 000 dollars

One can say for sure, it’s difficult to predict something in the market of blocking, if we take into account its specificity and motley cardiogram of falls and ups.

This prediction bitcoin 2018 schedule causes both curiosity and bewilderment. Probably, the author possesses either ingenious intuition, or extreme prudence and exclusive abilities of analysis and synthesis of the currency market, and maybe he knows something else that is inaccessible and incomprehensible to us?

If you believe the following predictions of this miracle, bitcoin expects a bright future and growth. We will observe the situation, friends. And time will tell.

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