Benefits of cloud mining

Cloud Mining origins

Benefits of cloud mining
Crypto currencies earning ways

It is almost impossible to earn money mining with the help of home mining farms. At best, the miner can only cover the cost of electricity. By the way, the likelihood of earning more money for other needs is extremely small. However, each can use a proven solution – remote mining with the help of “cloud” technologies.
The essence of this method of obtaining cryptocurrency is quite simple. Miner leases production facilities of their owner and pays to him for this usage a certain amount of money. Equipment mines crypto money for the user day and night. With cloud mining each one can do his own business periodically checking his account. Of course, before this it is required to send the owner of the farm a pre-agreed amount of money.
The reasons of the appearance of cloud mining
At the dawn of crypto mining, the miners could use their processors and video cards. However, time does not stand still, the exchange rate is growing, and the extraction of “coins” by its own forces requires more and more time and money. Thus, mining on the usual “home” equipment has become inefficient and unprofitable. To recoup all costs and start earning, miners began to improve their farms: new expensive video cards, processors, cooling systems, noise insulation, etc. Some of those who can afford a special “aggregate” for the mining of coins – “ASIC”, give huge money (from $ 1,000 to $ 100,000) to mine more and faster.
Then, the producers of “monsters” of cryptocurrency mining offered the serialized service to the miners. The developers created special data centers with cheap electricity and equipment maintenance where they charging a commission from the miners who mine with bitcoin cloud hosting services. Cloud mining began to be in demand among the miners, because they avoided many thousands of investments in equipment, relieved their neighbors from the round-the-clock buzz of “home” farms and did not pay huge bills for electricity.

Cryptocurrency earning with HashFlare promo code february 2018

Cryptocurrency earning with HashFlare promo code february 2018
Essence of Cryptocurrencies earnings

There are even more than a thousand digital currencies apart from bitcoin at the virtual money market. Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, it is even called “digital gold”, so all the others, opposed to it, are called Altcoins. Some altcoins, which have been on the market for several years, show even more rapid growth than bitcoin. For example, the second by the capitalization of cryptomoney is Ethereum since the beginning of the year has grown more than 50 times. The price of it rose from $ 8 in early January to $ 470 at the beginning of December. Since the beginning of the year, the cost of the Dash cryptocurrency has increased 70-fold, from $ 11.4 to 724, and the price for Litecoin has increased 35-fold, from $ 4.5 to $ 160. By the way, HashFlare promo code february 2018 gives a chance to get alluring discounts to start earning good money.
Altcoins often repeat the dynamics of the main cryptocurrency: they grow and fall with it. At the end of November, the bitcoin rate literally increased by 40%, from $ 8 thousand to 11 thousand. At the same time, other coins of the top 5 by capitalization also showed an increasing on 30-60%.
The only reason to invest in other kinds of cryptocurrency, except bitcoin, is the opportunity to earn more money by potentially growing price. However, the risks of losing capital in this case increase at times due to higher volatility. However, despite the high risks, many investors play with alternative coins, as evidenced by the growth in their market share. Therefore, the use of bitcoin cloud mining pools has a great perspective nowadays.

Advantage of cloud mining with voucher HashFlare vs simple purchase of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies available to invest on cloud mining
Popular cloud mining crypto currencies

There are a number of advantages in cloud mining, over ordinary mining through video cards, purchase on stock exchanges or elsewhere. Now it is very difficult to get into mining with a small budget. If he does not have the necessary amount of money to buy powerful video cards and integrated circuits, he is unlikely to work in this direction. With regard to the organization of the process, it requires simply enormous costs in terms of servicing and ensuring the safest working environment of the mining farm. They can break down, and electricity in the house can be turned off. This exhausts the person who does this.
In order to get rid of these problems, miner simply needs to put these cares to the shoulders of others. They can be employees of the cloud-mining service. With such services user has many obvious privileges:
1)  Services like HashFlare suggest voucher HashFlare and allow mining exactly the kind of coins that are needed.
2) Equipment is rented for a very long time. AS a rule, this is one year. In some services there is an opportunity to purchase power equipment for life.
3) The process does not need to be monitored, as everyone the data center will take care of everything, in which the user buys power.
4) All companies that are engaged in cloud mining have earned their trust for several years of stable operation. Each of the most popular organizations was able to earn a reputation that is enough to fully trust them.
5) Payments are made every day, when a coin appears on the transit wallet, which is earned with the help of mining at HashFlare pool.

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