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Hashflare cloud mining – reinvest or withdraw money?
One of my biggest regrets was not taking bitcoin more seriously. I was looking to build a mining server when Bitcoin ($ BTC) was <$ 1, yes, you heard me. Really an opportunity for a lost life. Worse, I had server racks, my own cloud that was used at 30%, I could go on and on. You get the picture. But I was busy building a company, and at the time Bitcoin was nothing more than a distraction. Hindsight really makes me feel stupid. I have observed $ BTC for a few years and the volticity has driven me away. I am not a speculator, so that the display prices increase, and then plummeted simply do not appeal to me. I do not want to buy and sell all day, so I ended up attracting myself to mining. What is mining? Mining is required to allow crypto currency transactions to work. Mining requires a lot of computing power and that means data centers are full of GPU-powered servers with large amounts of electricity. Subsequently, the largest miners are in China, which currently has the cheapest electricity in the world. Why mining? I like the idea of ​​Mining. The way it works is that you deposit some money (just a few USD) and you, in turn, acquire a "living" of computing power. It would be the old payment time  and Hashflare reinvest of an ISP to host a server for a fixed price forever. Although, in this case, “useful life” means that it is profitable for the service provider. If the price of the bitcon had to fall to X, they could simply shut down the operation. (or maybe a trumpet ball for a period that expects $ BTC prices to recover)

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I’m undermining with Hashflare which seems to be a stable and respectable group. Update: They have changed their life contract to only one year. They are interested in making this work because their parent company Hashcoins makes the hardware they use. What better way to show off your equipment. Although they depend on the price of bitcoin that remains above a certain figure so that it makes commercial sense.
They offer a reinvestment or payment feature, which is really the issue that bothers me.

So, suppose you deposit $ 1,200
What do we know now?
That money is gone.
You now have a “feature” that is 10 / s of SHA-256 hashrate.
You are getting a monthly return of about 10% * (you can count in reinvest calculator hashflare)

You can make a daily withdrawal of $ BTC or reinvest in hashrate.

Now it’s decision time – Withdraw or claim for Hashflare cloud mining reinvest

The decision that I believe, needs to be made around how important the money you have deposited is for you. And if it will mean a lot if you lose.
I think there are some approaches you can take here.

Withdraw until capital is repaid. This way, you get a little back every day and if the returns remain at 10% per month, you will get your equity back in 10 months and then you will be profiting from it.
Withdraw until capital is repaid and use of Hashflare cloud mining reinvest feature. That means you drop. You have your capital back and now you can afford to increase your stake in the hashrate for one day.
Reinvest. This is the optimistic option. This means that you are putting all the capital and any future gains 100% at risk. But you would also more than double your capital each year.
Depost $ 1, 200 hashrate
After 1 year $ 3,600 hashrate **
After 2 years $ 11,820 hashrate **
After 3 years $ 37,095 hashrate **
After 4 years $ 116,420 hashrate **
If after only 3 years you decide to turn reinvest and turn the withdrawal, you will earn $ 3,700 per month, or $ 44,000 per year. ***
The real kicker here is if $ BTC rises to $ 3,000 or more over time, you would add another 30% to those gains.

In short
For my purposes, I think I’m going to follow the maximum risk route. For me, it makes sense to arrange a fixed amount that will not be lacking and simply leave it. Of course I can lose everything but hi, a deposit of $ 5000 today could mean a very comfortable retirement. And if you’re 20, putting $ 120 and forgetting about it – might be the best money you’ve ever spent.

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