Hashflare reinvesting

The Reinvest feature allows you to automatically purchase additional hashrate as soon as Balance is allowed. You can enable the Reinvert feature on the Dashboard in the Balance block. Click “Reinvest” and select the type of hashrate. Activating this function will use your current balance to purchase the maximum possible amount of hashrate.

After each payment, the system checks to see if your balance is sufficient to purchase at least a minimum amount of hashrate (10 GH / s for SHA-256 or 1 MH / s for Scrypt). If it is, the purchase will be created and confirmed automatically. NB! Hashflare reinvesting is available only for SHA256 and SCRYPT contracts. Unfortunately, you can not reinvest in the ETHASH, ZCASH and X11 contracts.

How to disable hashflare reinvestment?

To deactivate the reinvestment feature in your account, select “hashflare reinvestment” in the control panel of your account, select “Do not reinvest” from the drop-down menu and confirm the change using the “Save” button. Note that the invocation function is disabled by default. HashFlare technical support can not restore the balance if you have mistakenly activated reinvest.

Use Hashflare reinvest strategy or pay

If you want more hashpower, you can always buy more with the USD, but you can also reinvest the coins that you are drawing every day. In the panel look for the ‘Reinvest’ button in the upper right corner to do this.

Each time you reinvest coins, it will create a new 1-year contract on that date. This can also be done manually due to your Hashflare reinvest strategy by purchasing the new selection power and selecting the account balance as the payment method.

Something to consider here is the USD value of currencies when reinvesting. If the Bitcoin value is high, you will receive a good reinvestment amount; but if Bitcoin’s price has dropped (for example, as he writes that, he just dropped), it’s worth waiting for Bitcoin’s price to come back and reinvest – allowing you to get more strength for the same number of coins.

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