Making best dessigion about cloud mining platform - Hashflare

Hashflare review

Making best dessigion about cloud mining platform - Hashflare
Hashflare cloud mining platform

Crypto currency is becoming more popular with ordinary users every year. And many advanced users have long earned on its colossal growth. In 2017 Bitcoin grew 18 times, Ethereum 120 times, Dash 160 times. Someone is speculating on the stock exchange crypto-currency, and someone is trying to earn on the mining.

Hashflare  appeared in 2015 and quickly won the confidence of users. Hashflare review participated in all-different conferences and speeches. The site has detailed information about the company, their legal address, photos of their employees and equipment, a telephone for communication. So, the work of Hashflare is completely open to anyone.

Mining of crypto currency has become very popular among Internet users. In this market there are dozens and even hundreds of services that are ready to lease the power of their equipment. In fact, most of these sites are scammers who simply want to cash in on the excitement of crypto-currencies. Such services as pyramids: will make the first payments due to new investments.

There is a whole group of sites with free cloud-based mining. To distinguish between services that “throw” on money is easy. Firstly, they just opened, and secondly they promise 300-1000% per annum of profit. Hashflare is quite another matter. Here you do not promise any exact figures. Only mining. The service cannot promise and does not promise you how much extraction will be profitable. Everything depends solely on the complexity of the crypto currency and its value.

Advantages of cloud mining and roi hashflare 

1     Cloud mining from HashFlare gives users the opportunity to lease capacities starting at $ 1.50 (one dollar fifty cents), which is a low threshold for entry and allows almost everyone to start working now.

2     Minimal risk and costs associated with supporting and maintaining mining equipment. Because of the complex nature of the mining process, as well as the dependence on many variable factors (for example, the complexity of mining kriptovalyut, their changing rate, etc.), it is difficult to accurately predict the size of payments.

3     Despite the above difficulties, Hashflare aims to achieve an annual ROI (return) of 200% for its customers.

4     Simplicity and convenience of work with a personal cabinet on a site. Viewing statistics, setting up pools for mining, purchasing capacity.

5     Purchase of capacities by various methods of payment, including from the balance of your account.

6     Automatic reinvestment – each user has the opportunity to install reinvestment in cloud mining to increase capacity and as a result of profit. Such a tool is convenient, if you quickly accumulate the amount to buy, and you for some reason cannot go for a long time and independently manage your assets. For example, went on vacation.

7     Real capacities are located in Estonia, Tallinn. Those, really look, as well as representatives of the company are invited to visit their office to introduce the company and ask questions

8     Along with SHA-256, users actively purchase roi hashflare – one of the contracts that is most in demand, since it’s payback is only 80 days. Indicators of the annual return are close to 200%.


  • By transferring BTC – it is necessary to take into account commissions of the resources from which you make the transfer, since sending one amount will come less and accordingly the transaction will not be approved.
  • Payment from the balance sheet – if you have enough money on your balance sheet.
  • Pay with EMC – this method of payment requires a higher minimum threshold
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Payment by credit (debit) card is an easy and convenient way, as most customers are holders of such cards. Currency conversion takes place at the exchange rate at the time of purchase.
  • Payment Webmoney
  • Payment by Payeer

Hashflare review 2018

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In 2016 the project from the company HashCoins spread to the sales markets on all continents. Unlike many other sites that pretend to be mining projects, HashFlare is tied to its own product. Hashflare review 2018 by cryptonews LTD mantioned about this. Hosting from the company’s own, so the likelihood that they will not pay rent there. The company itself, together with its data centers, is located in Tallinn, than many can recall Cointellect (where many users have received an impressive real earnings on the Internet), but in fact, apart from the city, they have nothing to do with each other. Again, Cointellect (in the common people – a cart), was not exactly a bad idea, especially not a HYIP, but quite a real company for bitcoin mining, which was burnt because of its shortcoming (payment in euros, instead of crypto, burned on the course) .

So, in 2016, HashFlare offered its users three types of contracts: the bit-based mining algorithm SHA-256, Scrypt and Scrypt-N (which has not yet been put into production). The cost of 10 Gh / s SHA-256 $ 4.45, and the script currently costs investors $ 8.90. To the calmness of the users I will say that the price for Scrypt fell due to a decrease in the compensation for the litecoin mining (12 coins), so generating litecoin (Scrypt algorithm) was less profitable than in the first half of 2015. But to earn in this Internet project in 2016 was real, so many users tried not to miss this opportunity.

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